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"I fell in love with Michelle and her wonderful artwork".

Have you ever had the

experience of not knowing

what to get a loved one as

a gift?

That feeling of: ‘

what do you get for the

person who has

everything or doesn’t

know what they want?'


U-gift offers a variety of bespoke, one of a kind gifts, combining music and art, for all occasions.

With a variety of packages to choose from, your gift choice will be made easier, as Michelle and Ray are here to guide you through the whole process. With our free consultations, we will help you to choose a gift that best conveys your sentiments.


"Ray wrote for me such a deeply beautiful and personal song. That I call the musical footprint of my life".

‘We create for U to gift’

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What we give you

We give you our wealth of knowledge and combine our understanding of precious life gifts, using Ray’s musical talents and the vision of Michelle’s unique artwork, all inspired by you and your loving sentiment.

A unique gift experience!

What you gain

Seeing your loved one receive a truly bespoke and meaningful gift. A gift experience that can be enjoyed over and over again. To see and feel the joy of both giving and receiving a deeply meaningful gift. Take a look at our variety of bespoke gifts, we will be able to create something unique for you and your loved ones.

‘Your message,our sound and vision.  

  Created in love, for U to gift’ 


Our gift packages can be adapted to suite all celebrations & occasions.


. Engagements

. Weddings

. Anniversaries

. New baby

. Birthdays

. Business celebrations

. Memorials/remembrance

"Ray captured the essence of me in a deeply beautiful and personal song".

"Michelle created for me a stunning, beautiful and equally true to the essence of me, piece of art. To complement the song and video".

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Ultra Sound & Vision

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