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There are so many options to this gift, your message can be full of fun and laughter, it can be one voice or many.

Grandchildren saying Merry Christmas to their grandparents, your elderly parents leaving their Christmas spirit for you to cherish forever.

Your voice will be added to this truly magical song and your Christmas spirit will be captured forever.

Included in this gift package will be a personalised handcrafted card, you will be able to choose the design from my luxury range of cards.

I will add a beautiful message/verse inside the card. Christmas really isn’t that far away and this gift is one that needs to be crafted with loving time and energy.

If you wish to know more about this incredible gift opportunity we can arrange a one to one appointment with you. We are ready to take your orders now, we need to hear your voice and so do they.

In Christmas Memories


Simple card package



Deluxe card package



Luxurious card package

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