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"I met Ray Coates in April 2020, just after the start of the first lockdown in the UK. It became clear to me that it would be awesome to entrust Ray with doing my unique DNA song. When I say 'entrust', I do actually mean that, because in order for Ray to capture the essence of 'me' in a song, it was necessary for me to lay bare my heart and soul, and really open up to him about the events that shaped who I am.


I didn't hesitate in my decision to do exactly that, and it was so the right decision to go ahead. Not only did our friendship grow stronger, but Ray Coates wrote for me such a deeply beautiful and personal song, that I call 'the musical footprint of my life' It was like Ray could see into my mind.


It was very soon after that when myself and Michelle Roche connected and became friends. Once again, I'm so very grateful that we did! I fell in love with Michelle and her wonderful artwork!


Michelle is an incredibly talented artist, and so I was doubly 'smiled upon' in that Michelle created for me a stunning, beautiful, and equally true to the essence of 'me' piece of art to compliment the song and the video.


Their vision and talents just complement each others in such a unique and strong way. Their combined creativity is just magical and special beyond mere words… it really does have to be experienced to be appreciated fully!


Thank you Ray Coates and Michelle Roche from my eyes, ears, heart and soul".

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